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May 2013

The Real Ethereal

By Blog

“The books which we read in childhood don’t exist anywhere; they fluttered away—bare skeletons remain. Whoever would still have in himself the marrow of childhood—ought to write them anew as they were then.” —Bruno Schulz

(Image of an imaginary friend: “Two Girls With Shadow” by Hans-Peter Feldmann.)

“Polka dots can’t stay alone.”

By Blog

A few spotty memories: my mother’s Mary Quant stockings, the constellations at sleepover camp, the bikini I once stole from my friend Nancy, my Marimekko bag, the mysterious infestation of ladybugs at our old house, art by Yayoi Kusama (Queen of All Dots who once observed that: “Polka dots can’t stay alone”), two favorite books (“The Dot and the Line” by Norton Juster and “Little Blue and Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni”)…and, of course, the ellipsis (favorite punctuation mark, said to sometimes “inspire a feeling of melancholy or longing.”)

Image: “Bleeds-Dot-Print” by Luli Sanchez.