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Which Peanut Do You Love?

By December 20, 2010Uncategorized

Charles Schultz. Oh, how I worshipped him as a young girl. I devoured Peanuts comics. Those kids were my people: their melancholy humour, the existential questioning, their unexplained autonomy from adults. I spent many summers in Japan and there happened to be a big Snoopy craze one year and I couldn’t have been happier. Snoopy bubblegum and Woodstock shoes? Who knew? My family and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas last night and it all came rushing back.

We all have different favorites.

I love Linus (his adenoidal wisdom, his multipurpose blanket).

Yoshi loves Schroeder and Violet.

Mika loves Snoopy.

Dave loves Charlie Brown and Pig Pen…