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New Year’s Intentions

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1. Obsess delightfully (after Yayoi Kusama.) 2. Occupy suggestive spaces (between accessible and complex, spare and profuse, funny and sad.) 3. Balance control with surrender (after Brian Eno.) 4. Improvise…



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A busy autumn full of change. These are days of stress and too much rushing. But then one day we find a moment to stop. And jump. Jump! We are paying tribute to air…


“Beauty in all its forms”

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Artist Jérôme Couëlle died this week. He was an especially lovely man and a regular at the café I worked at as a teenager. My best friend Nancy just sent…

maclear's dad

70 years ago

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My father reporting on July 31, 1960. (Taken from the CBC Archive for the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.) “Everywhere, there are cranes. Hundreds of the folded origami paper…