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Type Books (favorite book haunts #1)

By April 25, 2011April 29th, 2011Uncategorized

It may come as no surprise to hear that I am a bibliophile. I came to write books because I love them so much. I love to touch, smell, peruse and collect them. (Yes, I also like to read them.) Over the years I have amassed a modest but special collection of rare books, first editions, pop-up books, typographic books, books with unusual bindings.

I happen to have the great fortune of living within short walking distance of several amazing book destinations.

The first: Type Books. A fabulous, beautifully-curated indie bookstore on Queen Street West in Toronto.

In celebration of its fifth anniversary (April 30), Type is hosting a full-day party and I will be one of 18 local authors who will perform a “pop-up” reading at the event. (Come out and hear David Wall accompany me on guitar with his rousing number “The Tines They Are A Changing.”)

Happy Birthday Type! Here’s to another successful five years. xo

(More neighborhood book haunts to come…)