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The Specific Ocean

By July 31, 2015August 28th, 2015Blog

Tomorrow is the publication day for The Specific Ocean—a book born of travel and memory, water and salt, ease and grit. The title came from my youngest son during a stay on the Pacific Ocean. (He took to calling it the Specific Ocean after mishearing its true name or maybe after deciding that he knew its truer name.) I hope you enjoy it.

A few thanks: to Katty Maurey whose art fills me with big, big feelings and captures so beautifully the tone and tempo of the ocean; to Karen Powers, Yvette Ghione, Michaela Cornell, Naseem Hrab, Jude Kahn, and all the amazing people at Kids Can Press for bringing this book so gracefully to shore; and, finally, a huge THANK YOU to the bloggers and readers who help keep books afloat.

(Photo: My mum and I on the Pacific Ocean.)