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Spontaneous Love

By May 9, 2011Uncategorized

On Saturday, I had a text from my friend Nobu saying that he missed hanging out and when could we get together? I immediately texted him and said, how about now? He texted back and said, okay! Shortly after, we met up at the Toronto Comics Art Festival. Yoshi (my eldest son) joined us for a sweet and fun afternoon. Easy peasy friendship. How often does that happen?

I adore Nobu for many reasons but one of the big reasons is that he is a force of artful goodness. He generates amazing ideas all the time and he somehow manages to get 50% of them off the ground. This is an incredible percentage in my opinion!

This year he gave me a beautiful limited edition book he wrote and self-published called Tracy Walks Slowly. It was inspired by the late actor Tracy Wright and it’s quirky, lovely and very Zen.

Another project Nobu has launched with happy results is Choir Choir Choir! This singing group (of sixty or so people) practice every Wednesday night in Toronto’s Kensington market. They rock! They harmonize! They are spreading good vibrations throughout our city. Nobu is the dancing conductor dressed in white. Enjoy!