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An Alien Image

By July 21, 2011Uncategorized

(“Space Babies, Jones Beach, New York, 1959” by George S. Zimbel.)

Remember when we had weather instead of climate? Remember Coppertone commercials and sunburned noses?

Waaaayyy back in the late 1970s, I remember my Grade Two teacher, Miss. L, sitting outside during recess with her DIY suntanning “device”—a.k.a. bristol board covered with tinfoil, folded into a giant “l_l” shape. She would balance the device on her upturned palms, slightly under her chin, and tilt her face towards the scorching sun. (Many years later, I would be suddenly reminded of Miss. L upon seeing a photograph of VIP observers, be-goggled and casually seated in Adirondack chairs, watching a nuclear explosion conducted at Enewetok Atoll in 1951.)

The moral: sometimes you have no idea what you’re getting into.

For more George S. Zimbel, check out “PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHILDREN,” which opens today (and runs to September 17th) at the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto.

Hope you’re keeping cool wherever you are!