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On Being Human

By June 17, 2012Blog, Uncategorized

I have been thinking lately about the idea of daily practice. And by daily practice I mean the simple and habitual actions we take everyday with some degree of commitment and awareness (as opposed to empty habit or stupor). We all have several of these practices, don’t we? If I were to list my own, they might, on a good day, include: writing, reading, yoga, cooking, mothering, et cetera. But lately I’ve been realizing that all these mini-actions are really just subsets of a canopy practice, and by this I mean, the meta-practice of being human. (How to exist? Where to begin each new day?)

Excerpted from The Beauty is Relentless. To read my complete text, please order a copy here. The book is a great introduction to the art of Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby—two very brave and creative humans.