Virginia Wolf

If you encounter a wolfish mood, do not fear. Remember, stay calm. If the wolfish mood is yours, then try to make nice. Say hello, take it for a walk. You can start by visiting all the places that make you happy, say the library, the cake shop… Your wolf may growl as you try to distract it, but a little growling never hurt anyone. If you have a kite, then fly it. What starts out low can end up high. Swooping, soaring. Watch the birds. Follow a butterfly into a garden.

If the wolfish mood is someone else’s, give it space and time and lots of patience. Wolves sometimes need gentle coaxing. Once the wolf is tired of howling, ask it if it would like some candy. Or strawberries. Maybe even a cupcake.

Be creative. Make it up as you go along. And always, always remember that there are so many things that can help lift a wolfish mood: lots of treats, violin music, a good art box, funny faces (sometimes), fluffy pillows, a window and clouds, a painted ladder, roaming space, turquoise birds, candy blossoms, love, love, love, and (last of all) a big imagination.

To purchase Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclear, please visit your local independent bookseller, or order online from Kids Can Press.