Illustration from Kyo Maclear's Story Boat book


“An utter masterpiece, Story Boat tackles a very serious issue that affects many children today. Kyo Maclear has managed to describe the hardships that migrants face in the midst of crisis in a poetic way with clear, concise imagery that evokes the fear and pain of leaving everything you have ever known behind… Overall, Story Boat is an immensely enjoyable read.”
CM Reviews

“A poetic distillation of the experience of a group of refugees, always moving from one “here” to another “here.”… A timely and uplifting book about and for refugees.”
Kirkus Review (starred)

“Maclear (Operatic) captures in lyrical verse the lives of two young refugees, for whom “here” is a different place every day…The creators tell a refugee story in simple language with everyday objects, making it graspable for young readers.”
Publishers Weekly

“The eye-catching folk-style artwork done primarily in orange, blue, and black places the accent on the humanity and hopefulness of the refugees rather than exhaustion and despair, though that too comes out in a few of the adult faces. This puts a gentle face on a difficult, worsening problem.”

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